Logo Design for Bolton Based Healthcare Business

Client: Integrity Mobility Solutions

Services: Logo Design, Branding

Branding and Logo Design for Healthcare

Our logo design and branding services for the healthcare industry is a process that goes beyond looking at what the logo design depicts visually, and delving into the essence of trust, care, and professionalism. A professional logo design for a healthcare brand instills confidence in patients and communicates a commitment to their welfare.

Our logo design for the Bolton based business Integrity Mobility Solutions was focused on the product the company was selling which was a shower chair for use within the healthcare industry. For this healthcare logo design, we used the negative space within the two shapes to create the shape of the shower chair, using a clean design with modern and soothing colour palettes to reflect a sense of calm and assurance.

How We Approach a Logo Design Project

Our process for creating a logo design as part of your branding project would include finding out about your business first of all, what it is you are trying to achieve, and who your target audience would be. When we have an understanding of what your goals are we would work with you to create a logo and brand identity that would be usable across a variety of platforms, from digital and print. 

Logo Design: We can collaborate with businesses and companies in and around Bolton to design a logo that reflects their values, mission, and identity. The logo serves as the visual cornerstone of the brand, encapsulating its essence and making a memorable impression.

Visual Identity Development: We work closely with our clients to create a cohesive visual identity system encompassing elements such as colour palettes, typography, imagery, and graphic elements. This ensures a consistent and recognisable brand presence across various platforms and communications, digitally and within printed media.

Marketing Collateral: We can design a range of marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, websites, and social media graphics, that effectively communicate a business and its services, values, and brand personality to its target audience.

Environmental Graphics: As part of keeping a consistent brand, we can also create impactful environmental graphics for business and education, including interior signage, way-finding solutions, and environmental branding elements. These graphics reinforce the company’s brand identity throughout the physical space.

Logo Design and Branding Services in Bolton

Additional design services such as branded stationary and website design can be offered once we have your logo, the brand’s colour palette, brand assets such as shapes or illustrations, typography and the specific tone of voice. That’s when the magic really starts to happen and your brand begins to come alive and extend.

We offer comprehensive logo design services in the Bolton area. With an understanding of the importance of a strong brand presence, we work closely with clients to craft unique and impactful logos that capture the essence of their brand and ethos. Whether it’s a healthcare institution, a holiday park, or any other local business in Bolton, we combine creativity, strategic thinking, and technical expertise to design logos that resonate with target audiences and set businesses apart from their competitors. From initial concept development to final execution, we ensure that brands reflect the client’s values, vision, and personality.

FAQs for Logo Design Bolton

How much does it cost for branding and logo design?

The cost for our branding and logo design service depends on the brief and instruction provided. Once we have the information required to form a costing we can provide a quotation and give an indication of how much time is involved. If you have a budget in mind, do let us know so we can see how best we can work with it.

What will I be supplied with when the project is launched?

It depends on how far you’d like to go with your branding project, if you’d like us to look at just your logo to start with, we can provide a package of different file formats of the logo suitable for web use and print. For more in-depth branding projects you may like us to look at creating brand guidelines which is something we can supply along with any colour guides etc.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1977! When people ask us this they usually respond with “How long?!”

We’re a small family run business and have worked with clients large and small, building good relationships over the years. See if we’re a good fit for you, if you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss, please get in touch. 

Logo Design Services for Business in Bolton


Logo Design

Brand Identity

Brand Assets

Brand Guidelines

Branded Uniform

Branded Stationery

Branded Signage


Creating a Logo to Represent Your Business

Logo Design & Brand Identity Services

Branding is a complex and fundamental part of the success of any business. Businesses rely on their branding to represent them and who they are. When working with clients, we can revise all elements of their branding, from the name and logo straight through to their printed and digital marketing materials.

Our Approach for Projects

Our approach with all branding projects is research-based, we use evidence to build brands and drill down to the bare basics of that particular business and its unique selling points.

When it comes to branding and logo design, we understand the importance of a visual and emotional representation of your business. 

Related Services for Logo Design Bolton

Print Design

We offer a bespoke design service for a variety of printed materials. From flyers and leaflets to business cards, business stationery and direct mail. We design and deliver print designs suited to your business needs.

Graphic Design

We are Graphic Designers who specialise in commercial art and visual communication and provide our graphic design services to the highest standards. From brochures to packaging design, we deliver a personal service, trusted by our clients.

Signage Design

We design signage that is professional and impactful. We work closely with our sign writers on the design and preparation of signage for businesses in various industries, whether that be environmental signage or van vehicle graphics.

Looking for a Logo Designer in Bolton?

Reach new potentials with effective design solutions. If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss for new or existing business or establishment, please get in touch.