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Professional Website Design for Businesses in Retail and Food Sector

We provide a professional website design service for businesses in the food and drink industry with a focus on responsive design, clear navigation, and general good design that delivers and communicates a positive online experience. We design websites to your specific requirements, creating a successful user experience for your target audience and market.

The Food Agent, DMB Foods, asked us to create a website for their food products and services. We categorised their food products into various pages, from canned meats to dried foods, which made it a better overall user experience to navigate from different food product categories, depending on what the visitor was looking for.

How We Approach Web Design Projects

For all our web design projects, the process begins with gaining an understanding of what you want to achieve and your target audience. Following this, we outline the site’s structure and layout with initial sketches and wireframes, then proceed with the design and layout, incorporating branding elements and maintaining a responsive design for various devices. Once the design is approved, development commences, transforming static visuals into a functional website. When the website is live, continuous evaluation and client feedback guide refinements, adapting the site to evolving needs. This has proven to be a successful way of working for us and our clients.

FAQs for Bespoke Web Design Services for Food Brands & Restaurants

How much does it cost for a website design?

The cost of a website depends on the brief and instruction provided. Once we have the information required to form a costing we can provide a quotation and give an indication of how much time is involved. If you have a budget in mind, do let us know so we can see how best we can work with it.

What is the process for web design projects?

Our design process for websites generally starts with figuring out what’s not working on your site currently (if you have one) and what can be done to improve it. If you are looking for a brand new site we would find out what it is you want to achieve for your business and how your website can help with this. A website acts as a vital source of information for what your business offers, so it’s important we look at the overall functionality and usability of your website as well as the design.

Our designer Fiona starts off by creating a visual prototype of your website, which acts as a starting point to see what your new website could potentially look like. We find this is a good way of working for us and our clients, as it sets out a general idea and impression of your website design and the navigation before we’ve started the development process. All of our website designs are bespoke and tailored to your own branding and identity and our design process is started from initial sketches and wireframes.

How long will it take to build my website?

Depending on the size of your website, the development process can vary. The time and build process is also dependent on how quickly we receive the information required for your website and the responsive communication between both parties.

Whether you are looking for a small website for a new business or want a more expansive website, we create and build professional websites within budget and timescale.

What digital marketing services do you offer?

Say you’ve got your website up and running, but how can your customers find you? 

We work with our local digital partners on all aspects of digital marketing, from email campaigns to online ads on Google or Meta, and with their experience and knowledge in the industry, their service is one we trust. As a Google Partner, they offer Pay Per Click and Adwords marketing, campaign management and setup, as well as local SEO and website optimisation.

Website and Email Hosting Food & Drink Industry

We offer a variety of hosting packages to suit businesses of different shapes and sizes with our trusted hosting providers. Please get in touch to discuss our offerings and which would be best for your own website or emails.

Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting is our cheapest package and works well for clients with smaller websites and email accounts up to 2GB in storage space. All of our hosting packages include an SSL Secure Certificate.

Private Website Hosting

If you have a larger website that gets a large amount of traffic from either organic SEO or paid ads, we offer private server space of up to 20 GB for those who would require this with unlimited bandwidth.

Private Email Hosting

We know how quickly mailboxes can get full, and it can be a real pain when they do! If you send and receive a lot of emails of a large size we offer private email hosting of up to 50 GB for your business email accounts so you don’t have to worry.

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Creating a Website to Represent Your Business

Website Design for the Food Industry

Due to the competitive market, we realise the importance of getting your food products out there to customers, prospective buyers and food service professionals. Therefore we work closely with our clients in the food industry to produce a successful website design that advertises their products with impact and also gives the user a simple user experience.

Our Approach for Website Design

We can provide you with a quotation for our website design service. Simply let us know your requirements, whether you’d need us to complete a full design and development or a re-vamp of your current website.

We design, develop and host eCommerce websites that have the capacity to support various categories and products.

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