Packaging Design Services: Our Approach

There are various elements that come together to form a good design when it comes to packaging. From the typography, colour and imagery to the hierarchy and format of all the elements which create the right balance visually.

1. Reference What You Are Selling

Generally, from the design of the packaging, the consumer can get an idea of what type of product it is you are selling. For example, if you are creating a packaging design for a Chinese Style Pot Noodle, the design will have some reference towards that, whether it is communicated through typography or through the colours and patterns on the design.

Label design by Scene Print & Design

2. A Strong Brand

You have a matter of seconds these days to grab the eye of a consumer, so making sure you’ve got all the key elements together which communicate a clear message with a strong brand is imperative. Take our label design for the pasta sauces brand Pasta Roma, the strong use of green against black creates a focal point in the centre of the design, framing the flavour variation nicely and it is a recognisable colour for Italian cuisine.

3. Check and Check Again

Another important part of our design process is proofing and printing. If it’s a label design let’s mock it up on the product. If it’s a box packaging let’s print it out and make it up. Are the colours strong enough? Is the hierarchy correct? Is the name of the product in clear view for the consumer? These are questions that need to be considered when creating a design.

4. Learn When to Stop

And above all, don’t overcomplicate it. The best design practice is knowing when to strip back what’s unnecessary and that’s what communicates that clear message to the consumer and creates a successful design.

Our Approach for Packaging Design

When it comes to packaging design, we understand the importance of having a strong shelf presence to stand out from competitors. We can bring a concept to life with our design and 3D modeling service for packaging and label design.

Over the years we’ve worked with various clients within the food and manufacturing industry and we’ve built good relationships. We have good knowledge and experience in creating numerous packaging and label designs for different brands. 

FAQs for Packaging & Label Design

How much does it cost for packaging design?

The cost for packaging design depends on the brief and instruction provided. Once we have the information required to form a costing we can provide a quotation and give an indication of how much time is involved.

What sort of packaging design do you do?

We can design a variety of packaging for the specific industry you are in. Over the years we’ve worked on a lot of packaging for the food manufacturing industry and we’ve also provided our packaging design service for the veterinary industry.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1977! When people ask us this they usually respond with “How long?!”

We’re a small family run business and have worked with clients large and small, building good relationships over the years. See if we’re a good fit for you, if you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss, please get in touch. 

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