What Makes Good Brochure Design?

Having a well presented brochure design can help represent yourself or your business to the best professional standard and we find sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. We offer our brochure design services for businesses and educational establishments. A good brochure design conveys a brand’s identity and message to potential clients, it not only captures attention but also communicates information, which can be formal or informal depending on your target audience. Brochures are an important piece of marketing collateral that leaves a lasting impression.

1. The Printed Finish

Take our brochure design for our client Modernise Your Stairs for example, their brochures were printed with a soft touch velvet lamination for the front and back cover, which gave them a luxury feel and finish. It’s a small added extra when it comes to printing, but it made a big difference. If a prospective client of theirs is looking to invest in a new bespoke staircase, they’d probably first be presented with a brochure to give them an idea of the work they can do. A well considered, nicely printed brochure could really make or break what they are investing in.

For brochure design in particular, various print finishes can elevate the visual appeal and tactile experience, adding a touch of sophistication. Take glossy finishes, with their reflective surfaces, impart a sleek and vibrant look, whilst matte finishes provide a more elegant appearance, reducing glare and offering a smooth, non-reflective surface. Taking it a step further, spot UV coating is a popular choice for highlighting specific elements, creating a glossy, raised effect on selected areas of the brochure. For a luxurious feel, businesses often go for a soft-touch or velvet finish, and adding textured finishes like embossing or debossing can create a tactile effect, enhancing the overall design.

2. Content and High Quality Images

Another important thing to point out for a good brochure design is the quality of images used in brochures. The use of high-quality, relevant imagery and graphics enhances engagement and reinforces the overall message. 

Good, high quality images make a massive difference. Bad images really affect the overall look and feel of a brochure and could potentially ruin it. If you are stuck for images, stock image sites are a great cost effective solution for sourcing a collection of images for your brochure. You wouldn’t expect an editorial magazine to have bad images, especially if they are selling a product.

3. A Strong Brand

Using branding elements throughout the design of your brochures such as colours, fonts and illustrations is a great way to promote your brand. It creates a consistent and considered look that delivers that certain message your brand conveys. Don’t go off brand, otherwise your brochure will look inconsistent. Consistent branding elements, such as colors and logos, create a cohesive identity. 

The front cover is also an important part of the design to be considered. Sometimes simple is best, you may just need the brand logo on the front, but if it’s for a school or college for example, you may wish to showcase the school or college through the photography. 

4. The Copy

An integral part of a good brochure is the copy. Writing engaging copy isn’t easy, whilst at the same time keeping it simple enough to read and follow. It helps to break your text up in stages, have an introduction to your business and then start to lead onto your different service offerings.

Furthermore, a well presented brochure considers its target audience, tailoring the tone and style to resonate with their preferences. Whether through creative print finishes or interactive elements, a good brochure design leaves a lasting impression, effectively communicating the essence of a business or message.

The Overall Conclusion

Overall, a strong brand and high quality images will stand you in good stead for creating a good brochure design and the small finishing touches such as spot UV on the front cover and a nice lamination can add that extra detail that shows quality. Good design is characterised by a combination of visual appeal, clarity, and strategic communication to the target audience and market.

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Catalogues and Brochures are a great solution for your marketing requirements. High-quality brochure design can leave a long-lasting impression and can really showcase your business, product and service at its best.

At Scene, we offer a bespoke design and print service for catalogues and brochures, and also digital E-Catalogues. We can provide you with a quotation for our brochure design service, simply let us know your requirements and what it is you have in mind and we will go from there.

FAQs for Brochure Design & Print

How much does it cost for a brochure design?

The cost for a brochure depends on the brief and instruction provided. Once we have the information required to form a costing we can provide a quotation and give an indication of how much time is involved.

Will you provide the printing?

Yes this is something we can do. We are a Graphic Design studio and work within the trade for our print service. 

How long have you been in business?

Since 1977! When people ask us this they usually respond with “How long?!”

We’re a small family run business and have worked with clients large and small, building good relationships over the years. See if we’re a good fit for you, if you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss, please get in touch. 

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