2021 Trends, Optimism and Above all – Hygiene

What do you think of when you see the colour sky blue? It’s often described as the most beautiful colour in the world because of our associations with sunny days and turquoise waters. We are reminded of bright summer days with white criss-cross stripes across the sky from the day’s flight traffic. Some others, however, may immediately think of hygiene and cleanliness in association with sky blue as it’s often found in hospital environments and gives us that reliance that the space is clean.
Whether your answer was glistening waters or the dentist chair, both these reasons are why lighter blue tones are predicted to be popular in 2021.

First of all let’s focus on how we can use light blue in interiors to brighten up the space and mostly add some fun! Many of you probably already know that the colour characteristics of blue are calming, but used in the right way can also add that little pop of fun. For example, painting architectural details like the door frames or statement coving can add energy straight away, it contrasts vividly from the white but not too much that it’s uncomfortable. Another way to look at using blue in the home is in the kitchen, arguably the heart of the home, and so why do we always choose such neutral and safe designs? If this is the heart of the home surely it should sing with positivity and look the part. Light blue cupboards in either a minimal or shaker style can look bright and inviting and can be stylish with either silver or brass details.

Classicism interior design often has us reminded of French apartments with the excessive use of panelling, ceiling roses and boastful fireplaces, and these details are what brings the feeling of romance out of a room. We have much awe for the architectural details and high quality materials in classicism design especially when contrasted against contemporary furniture of today. There’s something beautiful and grand when the styles being so different end up complimenting each other stronger. You could literally place one sofa in a heavy plaster decorated room and there would be no need for anything else, just exquisite. Taking inspiration from this classicism architecture is one thing, but it just cannot be replicated in certain buildings of today. Panelling and ceiling roses in a new build just feels out of place, but if you’re blessed with the high ceilings of a Victorian terrace then you could certainly take on this look.

For commercial interiors, minus the obvious healthcare sector, the workplace can benefit from using shades of blue the most as it can make us feel more comfortable and grounded, so maybe you’ll find you won’t be hitting stress mode quite as much.

Following on from blue in workplace interiors, this is a sector we will see change a lot for the next decade and not just regarding using calming colour palettes. Workplaces will see more partitions that are adjustable such as curtains on rails, foldable screens and even fluted glass on wheels. These screens can also be utilised to build “pop up” rooms in large open plan offices so adding functionality to the space. The hospitality industry will also see screens becoming more a part of their interior design to section off diners.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything is that singing Happy Birthday blowing all over the cake, then proceeding to all eat a piece is one of the most disgusting traditions, why has nobody known this sooner? It’s inevitable that our hygiene has taken a sharp improvement and a well needed wake up call in some cases. Hand sanitiser will most definitely be a handbag necessity. As well as the importance of cleanliness for ourselves, this time of reflection has made us appreciate that we need to treat our environment with the same cleanliness.

Our homeware choices are starting to include more recycled materials, new low carbon materials such as 3D printing, and minimal waste design solutions. We’re seeing changes specifically for bathroom accessories and well as cleaning which are both high wastage. We’re starting to change our attitudes to reusable such as ditching the sponge for changeable bamboo brush heads. Recessed worktop sinks and drainage are also a kinder solution, allowing us to ditch the plastic bowls for a more minimal and beautiful kitchen sink.

All image sourced from Pinterest