Colour Trends 2021; Rise of Purple

We’re looking back to classical and romanticisations of design such as florals & fruits in extravagant arrangements, intricate pattern on architectural details and the appreciation of feminine beauty in the art form. Overall the feel of this upcoming trend is soft and poetic through the historical influences, think ripples in water, delicate fruits & botanicals and wispy brushstrokes on art pieces.

Greens are already more associated with being a new neutral colour trend and last year forest green was the favoured shade, however now thanks to Dulux’s 2020 colour of the year Tranquil Dawn, we’re seeing eucalyptus greens being the go to colour as the lighter greens play a calming part in the pallet. Feminine lilacs and purples are slowly being introduced into interior colour palettes of colour trends 2021, particularly for surface design, such as the Cole & Son hydrangea wallpaper that’s being heavily shared on social media. I understand that you don’t tend to see purple as a dominant shade in the interior design world, so using this hue as more of a highlight like through a dramatic floral spray or an upholstered dining chair will suffice. 

Classicism interior design often has us reminded of French apartments with the excessive use of panelling, ceiling roses and boastful fireplaces, and these details are what brings the feeling of romance out of a room. We have much awe for the architectural details and high quality materials in classicism design especially when contrasted against contemporary furniture of today. There’s something beautiful and grand when the styles being so different end up complimenting each other stronger. You could literally place one sofa in a heavy plaster decorated room and there would be no need for anything else, just exquisite. Taking inspiration from this classicism architecture is one thing, but it just cannot be replicated in certain buildings of today. Panelling and ceiling roses in a new build just feels out of place, but if you’re blessed with the high ceilings of a Victorian terrace then you could certainly take on this look.

Of course it’s 2021 so the feminine beauty influence focuses on a body confidence and feminism message rather than of lust that would have been popular in these classism interiors that date back to the Roman times. Throughout 2020 we’ve already seen a lot of appreciation of the female form through mainly ceramics and illustrations and this will only continue into next year. So you can finally purchase that curvy butt vase you’ve had your eyes on knowing it’s not going to be an in and out trend anytime soon. I think with the rise of craft due to Covid-19 people are appreciating small artisans more and more and so will purchase more unique pieces that also express their beliefs in their home, after all our homes should show people who we are shouldn’t they?

All image sourced from Pinterest