Earthen: Trend Turned Signature Style

The earthen trend has been with us over 5 years now and arguably is no longer a trend but a new style as our lifestyles start to become more eco-conscious and focused on our wellbeing. Thanks to Covid-19 lots of us are favouring this earthen style to escape the anxiety of the outside world and increase the calms of nature.

We’ve been adapting to the earthen trend as a society for the past 5 years. From appreciating more artisan materials and crafts to becoming a responsible plant parent. The trend started with the influence of adding solely green hues to the popular Scandi interior colour palette of greys and whites at the time. Now that we’re understanding colour is actually a very beneficial choice for our mental health and mood our interiors are warming up.  Taking inspiration from the deserts, sun-dried foliage and hard-wearing terracotta is where the earthen trend is currently up to. Think rough plaster walls, pampas grass arrangements and mustard linen bedding.

Obvious natural materials like cane, linen, planting and woods are used prolifically in design at the moment but the majority take on the brighter & warmer shades of apricot, burnt orange and sunshine yellows. If you prefer a moody interior you’ll be glad to know a little earthen darkness will be starting to feature more heavily into 2021- taking inspiration from tropical coconuts and rocky canyons. Matching darker greens and chocolate shades together using luscious planting, quality velvets and natural dark oak help to create a more sophisticated finish compared to the sunshine side of the palette. 

The great thing about earthen is that you can get on any side of this style, whichever you choose to remember the real reason behind the new earthen style. Sustainability, durability and taking more responsibility for change. 

All image sourced from Pinterest