Indoor Gardens, the New Wellbeing Retreat

It doesn’t take a professional to tell you that plants are on trend. They’re everywhere you look! Whether they’re stocked up on shelves of trendy independent shops, above our heads in a city restaurant or overtaking walls in our work spaces. This all stems from the trend of wellbeing that started making an appearance a few years ago and is still present today. That’s because the idea of wellbeing has evolved from a trend, I’d say it’s now more of a way of life that we’ve all come to realise, ourselves and others.

Five years ago we were first buying mini cacti to proudly place on our desks, but now that just isn’t enough. The new trend for our wellbeing is taking on a whole room dedicated to plants, welcome the indoor gardens! I for one would totally take this on as a room to escape to and be at home with all the plants. There’s something dreamy about sitting in a room floor to ceiling with tropical palms, and as homes are becoming smaller with no gardens at all this is the perfection solution. Those in apartments could make their whole main living space a tropical oasis or just focus on one section such as a window ledge, table or bathroom to go overboard with. In fact bathrooms are a great place if you want low maintenance due to the moisture.

If you’re lucky to have a conservatory then this would be the ideal place as it’s more or less a greenhouse, your plants would thrive in this environment. I for one am against a conservatory and think they’re a total waste of space that is either too hot or too cold and I’m thankful that sales in conservatories aren’t as popular as they used to be. If you’re one of the many who hardly uses this room why not transform it into your garden room, complete with a swinging macrame chair? You could make the conservatory unrecognisable and allow your house to flow into the outside space. Some may prefer their retreat to be more opulent and a place of grandeur just like the old summer rooms of the 1920s that indicated a symbol of wealth. If your style is more traditional then use colours, fabrics and furniture inspired by these 20s interiors to make the space feel unique and rich.

If you’re liking the sound of the 1920s garden rooms but these are a bit too jazzy, how about taking the inspiration internationally? Morocco is one of the most colourful places in the world and is one of my dream locations to holiday, just to soak up all the beautiful pattern and colour. The colour trends at the moment of pink and green, as well as apricots and peaches are all inspired by Moroccan locations. Try to use these colours to contrast against the plants in your indoor gardens. This could prove a really transporting retreat to escape to and feel completely exclusive to you.
All images sourced from Pinterest