How to Create a Home Office

Now more than ever, has it been vital to dedicate an independent space for working from home as most businesses adapt to remote working. We’ve been performing this for almost a month now so I’m certain many of you will have your home office up and running, but if the space you’re in isn’t really motivating you then have a look at these inspirational home offices and put their style into practise. Wether you’re working from a fully equipped office, kitchen island or dining table, listen up!

home office scenes

Surrounding yourself with colours and patterns that stimulate motivation is the key to creating the perfect home office. For example, if you work in a creative role filling your space with pattern and clashing colours for an uplifting and positive energy may benefit you. When you sit in the space you’re feeling upbeat and creative, rather than struggling with creative block. If the thought of colour scares you or you’re in need of some calmness, using natural materials in the most minimal way can help to keep the focus on your work by only placing what is necessary on the desk. Yes that houseplant is necessary before you even think of taking it away. Plants are a great way of lowering our stress levels!

home office trends
home office trends

If you’re in a tight flat I can understand that finding a space to work can be tricky. However, it is important that you have your working space away from your bedroom and even your sofa. Associating work with your sleeping quarters can be a distraction and when the time comes to getting those 40 winks your mind is constantly ticking with jobs that need to be done tomorrow, all because your paperwork is staring you right in the face!

small home office ideas

One solution is alcoves, these little nooks can be a great place for a small desk. If you’re not in a space that has alcoves a floating shelf can be transformed into a desk. Perks of using deep shelving as a workspace means you can easily convert it back to being a standard shelf once you’re done with work for the day.  For even more of an impressive workspace why not quite literally hide your desk inside a large cupboard so that when you’re done for the day you can simply shut the door on the world of work and forget it’s even there.

More than anything I for one am looking forward to the world after Covid-19. Not just to have my freedom back, but to see the changes for good in our day to day routine and to finally be putting our lifestyle first. For more advice on home styling, take a read of our article about mastering warm and neutral colours.

All images sourced from Pinterest