Summer Hangouts

Now more than ever, we are spending more time at home. Here are some ideas for you to make your ideal hangout for summer chills.

Contemporary and calm

If you’re a lover of more simplistic design and someone who prefers more classic looks then you can’t go wrong by installing decking in your garden space. Not only does it keep your garden furniture level, but also splits areas off form the rest of the garden to create zones. Picturesque hanging chairs, solar-powered lighting and easy-care plants like palms can transport you to a tropical beach club when in fact you’re just in the back garden. A neutral colour palette is essential to keep within a peaceful no-fuss feel; white long flowing drapes are particularly good at achieving a calm and restful space as you can watch them flow with the summer breeze. Keep to natural materials such as concrete, woods and rattan for an earthen feel. Structured sofas and chairs are the key pieces to making your outside living space a contemporary calm.

Boho and fun

Colour, colour and more colour. That’s all you need to know really to master this style. With boho, there’s really no limit as to how much colour or pattern you’re going for as this makes it all the more fun. It’s a celebration of the Moroccan architecture and lifestyle bursting full of bright vibrant colour so take it to the max. Seating for large groups of friends and family is very important to master the bohemian, using this look for an eating area would be a great focal point for your garden. Corner sofas, pouffes and lots and lots of floor cushions make the space friendly and cosy to entertain all your guests. Hanging lights, ribbons, coloured bunting and dream catchers all make for a busy and exciting place to sit and chill or host a party. Further decor can be replicated through tasselled cushions, embroidered details and Moroccan candles.

All images sourced from Pinterest