Warm Neutral Interiors, Inspiration and Tips

We all love the Scandinavian trend of simplistic colours containing a palette of whites, greys and blacks accompanied with bursts of green through potted plants being the main accessory in the room. Even though we love this easy to master style one only downfall is that these colours can sometimes feel a little cold.

A more neutral colour palette using beige, greys and whites instantly makes the room feel so much warmer. New neutrals are covered throughout the interior design magazines and social media which involve much warmer colours of blushing pinks, sage greens and mustard yellows- so all this new trend, it can also bring some colour and warmth to your more simplistic interiors.

Sticking to beiges, greys and whites, this is my personal favourite way to warm an interior as the colours can easily be layered up using accessories and soft furnishings. Textures such as woven hessian, furs, velvets and matte finishes are perfect for adding more warmth and cosines to your space without looking too minimal. Woods are one of the most used materials along with rattan for neutral looking furniture. The lighter the wood the better for a very light and airy feel to the room that isn’t dominated by a dark slab of wood in the background.

A Scandinavian favourite that has lead many of us to a potted plant obsession is embracing nature in our interior spaces. For warm neutral interiors, stay away from the harsh exotic darker green plans and focus on finding lighter ones such as succulents. Be one step ahead and find more neutral coloured plants such as cotton plants, wheat, pampas grass and cattails. The best rooms in the house for this peaceful and calming interior style would be the bedroom, bathroom and even the home office. If you’re the owner of a conservatory or summer house this style would make it the ideal space to escape to and read that book you’ve been waiting for so long to pick up.

All images sourced from Pinterest